Personal Page  of Colin Sheehan

 Home is on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia

This has been the hardest page to put together because I was not sure what would be interesting and what would be aimless waffling. So, after great deliberation, I erred in favour of waffling.  It is, after all, a favourite pastime of those who don't take life too seriously. I saw a serious person once and he looked and sounded very boring! So, here goes:-

 I live in the Noosa Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast about 90 minutes drive north of our capital, Brisbane and very near one of the natural wonders of the world, Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. It is an area of great natural beauty with an extremely even climate averaging 20o - 30o Celsius annually. Not called Paradise for nothing! Noosa is deliberately underdeveloped as far as concrete is concerned. 
Photo shows a soft, balmy, winter's day in the Noosa hinterland.
Noosa Botanical Gardens, Cooroy.

My boat - Leviathan
Too many to list here. A side trip through my Photo Album will give you a glimpse of some of them. Boats & sailing score pretty high on the scale with this 5metre Jarcat design catamaran which I built in 1987 being my current favourite. Also carving, folk music, living in the bush and ....... (All I need now is .... time!)

Currently I work as a photo restorer and picture framer. In the past I have worked in smash repair, vintage car restoration, cane furniture wholesale, professional photography, computer consultancy & sales, banana farmer, taught stained glass & seamanship (not at the same time! :oÞ )

A random look at some of my personal history in Col's Photo Album