Col's Photo AlbumA small slice of my personal history...

The photographs shown below are simply a way for the curious among you to see a small piece of a life in some other part of the world. I know I would enjoy seeing similar pages from elsewhere. Click on an image to view a larger version. So, enjoy and please feel free to communicate with me if you have any questions at all.

Brown Leaves
Home on the Range
Cooran Pastures
Looking south from the back boundary of our property
Working the Bananas
The view (north) I had whilst farming 15,000 banana trees on our property at Cooran.
That's Home, Yonder
That's home over there. A typical winter's day view of our valley in Cooran. Very dry.
The curiosity of youth!
A young heifer & a young friend, Jasmine (who happens to be my daughter's daughter) share the innocent curiosity of new lives.
My Oz Garden Gnomes
My garden gnomes alias Joe (front) and Dopey are Eastern Grey Kangaroos. They save on lawn mowing, but are NOT house trained!
Swamp wallaby at breakfast
Wallaroos have long soft fur and very nice nature, although are usually more cautious than the grey 'roo at my feet.
Swamp Wallaby
The stare of a Swamp Wallaby can be quite intense, but ten feet is the minimum distance I could approach.
Breakfast time
Grey 'roos are very keen on bread. Breakfast can be frantic for the feeder if too many turn up for handouts!
The Things I Do Sometimes
BIG Drums!
Linsey Pollak tuning six huge drums I made out of oil drums for the Woodford Folk Festival 
(See my Folk Music page)
Ready to Perform?
Veet, a friend of mine, & myself just prior to playing in the 1995 Big Marimba Concert in Brisbane. (See my Folk Music page)
The Source of the Big Bang
Drum section of The Big Marimba concert rarin' to go. My friends Jacinta & Jess were trying to outdo each other for short hair.
1929 Stutz Limousine
A 1982 family outing in a 1929 Stutz. My wife Frances & kids, Tony & Heidi
Fishing the Hard Way!
I always enjoy a challenge. This has to be the toughest way to get a feed of fish in the world!
A Muddy Mullet
The result of many, many shots which scared the hell out of many, many fish! I don't go fishing anymore.
Great White Hunter
The Great White Hunter in local jungle with my latest "kill" What a fight!
Onboard Russian Submarine
Inside the forward torpedo room of a Russian Foxtrot class submarine. Very cramped way to sail the seas!
Building my boat
Building my 16ft catamaran "Leviathan" was new test for me. Something everyone should do at least once
The Launch of Leviathan
Three months later, The wait was worthwhile. It actually floated at it's launch on Lake Macquarie, NSW
Leviathan Under Sail
Sailing "on the level" on the Hawkesbury River, NSW. The Jarcat design is very stable and no slouch.
Trials riding
After a gap of ten years, a return to trials riding rediscovered muscles I'd forgotten all about!
Penton 175
An old "archive" photo of a younger me on the factory Penton 175 (modified KTM) which represented Australia in the USA International Six Day Enduro years ago.
My OSSA Trials 250
One of my favourite bikes, a 250 OSSA from Spain. A very strong engined trials bike which took me to a few victories in competition.
Nervous Jump
One of my most careful jumps ever! Although at the time I was very experienced, I still shudder when I look at it. Passenger is my son.
Dwarf Cuttlefish
Whilst night diving, I collected this dwarf cuttlefish for my marine aquarium. That's my hand behind him.

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