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My interests are many and varied, including all things nautical (particularly the vessels of more classic lines), folk music, conchology (shell collecting), military technology, wood carving, oh, the list goes on & on. Along the way my love of photography has enabled me to record it all, so this site has been created to display some of those interests in the hope that others of like mind may wish to contact me to share our knowledge and also to hopefully aid those who might be able to gain something from my ramblings.

Visit my Personal Page if you want to try & find out what makes me tick (Or at least what I'm prepared to admit to!).

Okay, this page is supposed to be an index to my site, so try any and all of the links below & don't forget to bookmark this page so that you can drop back often to see the new bits:-

Frozen in Time

The Australian home of fine old photographs from days gone by (circa 1860s-1950). Featuring many images of Australia's past as well as a 1st class restoration service for all old photographs and custom picture framing. Interesting Stuff!
Photographic Gallery
Images Of Light
Throughout my life I have always carried a camera of some sort whenever I have travelled or tried anything new. These pages are an attempt to share a fairly wide example of the sort of images that have appealed to me over the years. Some are old and others are new. Colour and monochrome are represented plus some tips for those who are interested. I hope you enjoy some of the photographs as much as I do. Let me know what you think.
HMAS Kanimbla Cruise:
My last voyage with the Royal Australian Navy. Kanimbla is an ex-USN Tank Landing Ship and this is my photographic record of four days with my son, Tony (Cook onboard),  as we cruised down the east coast of Australia in company with other warships. There are a lot of photo's to help you get an idea of normal life at sea with the RAN.
In the Garden
Personal Page

This is where I have placed all those lies about myself. :oÞ

Also a Photo' Album of some of the varied things I have experienced in my all too short life.

Email me at The Sunshine Coast , I'm waiting to hear from you.