by Colin Sheehan
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During the latter half of 1995 I was given the opportunity to enjoy a short nostalgic voyage aboard HMAS KANIMBLA, one of the Royal Australian Navy's LST's (Landing Ship Tank). This came about as a result of a phone call from my son, Tony who was posted onboard as a cook and was returning from a three month South-East Asian deployment with Brisbane being the first port of entry into Australia. The skipper had cleared with Canberra to take onboard some parents and friends of the ship's company as Seariders (Non-military joy riders) for the three day passage to Sydney, Kanimbla's home port, as a public relations exercise.

Not having been to sea in years, I jumped at the chance and rediscovered the joys of life at sea with the Grey Funnel Line. We were accompanied by the fleet oiler, HMAS Success and the DDG, HMAS Hobart, a guided missile destroyer of the Charles F. Adams class which allowed me to watch and photograph this sleek warship at very close quarters as we underwent various maneouvres. My aim here is not to supply "glamour" shots, but everyday images of the Navy in action in peacetime.

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WARNING! the photo gallery pages are heavily graphical with many photo' thumbnails, so please be patient while they load and you will be rewarded with an inside view of the RAN at sea under normal routine. If you are in a hurry, open another browser window & go look at something else for a few moments before switching back to cruise with the Kanimbla. Thanks for dropping in and I wish you all the best for the future.

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