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General: PRINT SIZE NOTE(Current print sizes available are displayed after the full description, but please ask if you require a different size.)
Wherever possible, a descriptive caption accompanies the photograph.
All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

P2- Very nicereproduction of a1910 print of a Girl with Cherries 20.4 x 16.8cm
CO1- 1945 Computer operating log card from a US Uni with the very first computer "bug" attached. (Good for the computer types)
HMC1- A young Brian Challinor from Brisbane with goat cart 27.7 x 21, 18x13
HMC50- Mrs C. Seal, a magnicently dressed Queensland lady in full splendour. 1863 - 18x13cm
US1- 8 men in the scarf of a huge redwood tree, Oregon 1895 (27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US2- 3 men in the scarf of a huge redwood tree, Oregon 1895 (27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US3- Sawing log Oregon 1895
(27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US4- Hester Street, New York City 1903 Very busy markets (27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US5- North American Indian wedding party coming ashore c1880s (27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US6- "Our First Grizzly, killed by Gen. Custer and Col. Ludlow." 1874, during Black Hills expedition. (27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US7- Colorado Springs Airport Late 1920s (Possible early airshow in progress)
(27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US8- Huge redwood (Sequoia) in Oregon, USA with multi-level axemen at work.
(27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US9- Cutting the scarf in a large redwood in Oregon, USA, 1895. (27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US10- Two axemen putting the finishing touches to the scarf prior to felling a huge redwood Oregon, USA 1895
(27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
US11- TIMBER! This huge 180' Douglas Fir was trimmed to make a pole, which when rigged with a network of pulleys and cables to snig trees out of the forest and lift them onto wagons. 27.7 x 11.41cm
US12- The scarf cut into this massive Sequoia in California was big enough to take two mounted riders. 27.7 x 18.5cm; 40.3 x 26.19cm
Osaka Castle c1940s
US13 & US13x Empire State N.Y.
(27.7 x 21, 18x13cm)
J4- Osaka Castle, Japan c1940s 18 x 13cm
AF1- Capetown, South Africa c1915
27.7 x 18.5cm; 18 x 12cm
NZ1- Mechanics Bay, Auckland c1890
27.7 x 18.5cm; 18 x 12cm
NZ3- AUCKLAND north shore & RANGITOTO From Mt. EDEN c1885.
27.7 x 15.84cm
NZ4- Auckland Harbour 1895 with Harbour Board building seen from Queen St. wharf and paddlesteamer 27.7 x 18.5
NZ7- Papatoitoi, Auckland milk delivery late 1800s. 27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
NZ8- As above with the milkman
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm

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