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Australian (The x after a catalogue number indicates that it is available in smaller size such as 18 x 13cm {5x7}. An "L" after the catalogue number designates a larger size (Usually 30 x 40cm approx.)is available.Available sizes are at the end of each description at the page bottom. Sometimes sizes or proportion may vary due to a need to include all necessary information in the photo.) Wherever possible, a descriptive caption accompanies the photograph.
All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

A1 & A1x Tasmanian Bullock Team rolling log.
27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
A2 & A2x 1920 Lake Leake, Tasmania fishing
27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
A3 & A3x Lake St.Clair Tasmania Duck Hunter c1900.
27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
A5, A5x & A5L Darling Downs Loading wheat onto horse drawn wagon. Qld. c1890s
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 11.4cm & 40.5 x 23cm
A6 & A6x Wilcania Wool Barge & Paddlesteamer PS Wilcania c1920.
27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
A7, A7x & A7L Bullock teams with wool at Mitchell
27.7x21; 18 x 13cm; 40.3 x 30.3cm
A8, A8x & A8L Two axemen on the boards northern NSW. (
27.7x21; 18x13cm & 40.3 x 30.3cm,)
A9x Gympie main street (Now Mary St.) during the gold rush period. 18x11cm (Not sharp, but interesting for the Gympie fan)
A10 & A10x Nimbin road near Mt Warning, NSW.
27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
A11, A11x & A11L Cedargetters from Armidale, NSW. c1880
(27.7x21, 18 x 13cm and 40 x 30cm)
A12, A12x & A12L Blacksmiths, Clarendon, Sth Aust. 1896
(27.7x21, 18 x 13cm and 40 x 30cm)
A13& A13x Horton & Morris Threshing Contractor Steam Traction Engine 2001 (Colour or Sepia)
(27.7x21cm & 18x13cm)
A14, A14x Bellerive & Beltana Ferry wharf, Hobart Docks 1890s
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
A15 & A15x Lismore, NSW Bridge with ship 1920s
(27.7x21 & 18x13)
A16, A16x &A16L, Cascade Brewery worker.
(27.7x21, 18 x 13cm and 40 x 30cm)
A18 & A18x Darwin, 1946 from a Lancaster Bomber 1946.
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
A19 & A19x Early Surveyor on a camel c1910, northern Australia
27.7 x 21cm
; 18 x 13cm
A20 & A20x Strahan Docks, Tasmania, 1880s
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
A21 & A21L Horse drawn wagon of wheat, Temaora, NSW.
27.7 x 16.9cm; 40.3 x 24.7cm
A22 & A22x Calliope homestead. A fascinating view of early rural Australian architecture.
27.7 x 18.64cm; 18 x 12cm
A23 Delungra Pub NSW with publican Alf Buxton 2nd from right. 1922.
27.7 x 15cm
A24- Donkey team pulling a bogged car out of the sand in the bed of the dry Ord River, Western Australia, 1925.
27.7 x 18.5cm; 18 x 12cm
A25 & A25x Bullock team hauling a road roller in Blackheath, Blue Mtns. NSW
27.7 x 17.6cm; 18 x 11.4cm
A26 & A26x Hobart 1906.
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm