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Maritime (The x after a catalogue number indicates that it is available in smaller size such as 18 x 13cm {5x7}. An "L" after the catalogue number designates a larger size (Usually 30 x 40cm approx.)is available.Available sizes are at the end of each description at the page bottom. Sometimes sizes or proportion may vary due to a need to include all necessary information in the photo.) Wherever possible, a descriptive caption accompanies the photograph.
All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

M1 & M1x  SV Beatrice (Swedish Sailing ship 1926) SV Beatrice off Melbourne 1926. 27.7 x 21, 18x13

M2 & M2x USS Connecticut Flagship of the US Navy's Great White Fleet of 1908 at speed 20.3x15.2

M4x USS Forrestal with C130 Hercules Transport landed 18 x 12cm

M5 & M5x TSS Moreton on Moreton Bay approaching Brisbane 27.9x17.5; 18 x 11.4cm

M6, M6L & M6x Hereward ran aground on Maroubra beach near Sydney during a storm(27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm; 30 x 40cm & larger

M7x SV Beatrice Helmsman 1926 This photo captures the mood of the full-rigged Swedish sailing ship Beatrice as it approached Cape Horn during a storm. 20.3x 12cm

M8 & M8x SMS Brandenburg, Cruiser from German Navy c1907 (Photo of original engraving) 27x18cm; 18 x 12cm

M10 & M10x HMQS Paluma. Queensland Navy gunboat stranded on the banks of the Botanical Gardens, Brisbane River after the first of the 1893 floods 27.7x18.3

M11 & M11x Pearl Harbour Attack, 7 December 1941 Motor launch rescues a survivor from the water alongside the sunken USS West Virginia 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm

M12 & M12x Steam tug towing freighter on Yarra River, Melbourne, Victoria. 27.9x17.5; 18 x 11.4cm

M15 & M15x USS Neosho A wave breaks over her main deck, engulfing the hose crew, as she refuels USS Yorktown May 1942, 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm

M17 Ten "Old Salts" Photograph taken on board USS Hartford at Hampton Roads, Virginia, Winter 1876. 27.7x22.4

M18 & M18x Pearl Harbour Attack, 7 December 1941 View looking down "Battleship Row" 27.7x21; 18x13

M19, M19x & M19L Yacht "Windward racing on the Derwent River, Hobart 1929 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm & 40.3 x 30.3cm

M21 & M21x James Craig in Sydney 1920 27.7x21; 18x13

M22 & M22x Oronsay Maiden voyage 5/16/1951 27.7x21; 18x13

M23 & M23x Albatross riding the wind off the sails of Douglas Mawson's "Discovery" near Kergeulen Island on it's way to Antarctica 1929 27.7x21; 18x13

M24 & M24x HMAS Australia II passing through the Panama Canal March 1935 27.7x21; 18x13

M25 Rhine Paddle Steamer plans for the Rhine River, Germany 1885 27.7x 14.6cm

M26 & M26x Pearl Harbour viewed from Japanese aircraft showing torpedo tracks. 1941 27.7x21; 18x13


M27 & M27x HMAS Australia I, an Indefatigable Class Battlecruiser 27.7x21cm; 18x13cm

M28 & M28x Shipping on the Hooghly, Calcutta c1880 27.7x21cm; 18x13cm

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