The restoration of old photographs can be a wonderful way to put the final touch to your family history research, bringing your personal history back to life displaying all the fine detail that has been lost to the ravages of time. The perfect gift for that special family member might be the restoration of their wedding photo's from 50 years ago or more.

Or it can be of very significant historical importance for anybody involved in research or for Historical Societies or museums, etc., who wish to revive their collections.

Your treasured photographic memories may just be lacking in "bite" due to fade or improper exposure when they were taken. Possibly, they were not printed correctly and you would like to have them restored to their best image quality possible.

Frozen in Time Gallery can be of assistance here.


Physical damage can also be repaired to put new life into the old images of our forefathers or places in our past.

We do our best to recover all detail and image quality.


Severely damaged and faded photographs are still capable of revival in most cases, as long as there is some detail still on the paper, we can usually obtain a good result.

Contact Frozen in Time Gallery now for further advice.


You are not limited to people. Grandfather may have been a ferry skipper for many years and this is also a very important part of your history.

A whole world of rediscovery awaits you here. Very rewarding.


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