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Subject: Queensland: PRINT SIZE NOTE(Current print sizes available are displayed after the full description at the bottom of the page. (The x after a catalogue number indicates that it is available in smaller size such as 18 x 13cm {5x7}. An "L" after the catalogue number designates a larger size (Usually 30 x 40cm approx.)is available. Sometimes sizes or proportion may vary due to a need to include all necessary information in the photo.)
All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

Q1- Brisbane St. Ipswich
27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.37cm
Q2- Ruthven St. Toowoomba, Qld. 1920s 27.7 x 18.5cm; 18 x 12cm
Q3- Townsville, Qld., with Castle Hill and Victoria Bridge. 27.7 x 17.64cm; 18 x 11.5cm
Q4- Coolangatta looking south with church. 27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.4cm
Q5- Coolangatta from Greenmount. 1933
27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.4cm
Q6- Coolangatta Beach House c1930s
27.7 x 16.8cm; 18 x 11cm
Q7- Excellent shot of Kirra Beach surf pavilion. Good sharp image.
40.3 x 30.3cm; 27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.37cm

Q8- Chinchilla, Qld. Bullock team.
27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.37cm

Q9- Toowoomba along Railway St. from the railway station 1920s 27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
Q10- Rockhampton Qld.c1940s
27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.37cm
Q11- ISIS Sugar mill, Childers, Qld. 1896.
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
Q12- View of Sydney Street, Mackay showing the Royal Hotel.
27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
Q13- Mackay showing C. Fitzgeralds Oriental boarding House plus the Oriental Horse Bazaar at right c1870
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
Q14- Surfers Paradise beach 1953.
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
Q15- Adelaide Street, Maryborough.
27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.37cm
Q16- Railway & street of Chinchilla, Qld 1918. 27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.37cm
A5- Loading wheat onto horse drawn wagon Darling Downs 1920s.
27.7 x 15.8cm; 40.5 x 23cm
A37- Bullock team in Cavill Ave. outside the original Surfers Paradise Hotel
27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
A29- St. Pauls church Stanthorpe (Built of bark) 27.7x21 18x11.75cm
A40- The poppet head at Mills United Mine, Charters Towers 1897
27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
A41- Kirra Beach Surf Club, Qld. 1915.
27.7 x 16.37cm
A7- Bullock teams with wool at Mitchell 40.3 x 30.3cm; 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
A38- Weedens Landing Crossing down river from the Arrowroot Farm in Nerang during the early 1900s. Today there is a concrete bridge there. 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
A51- Steam Traction Engines at Blackbutt, Qld. 1920 27.7x21cm; 18 x 13cm

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