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Animals:PRINT SIZE NOTE(Current print sizes available are displayed after the full description at the bottom of the page. (The x after a catalogue number indicates that it is available in smaller size such as 18 x 13cm {5x7}. An "L" after the catalogue number designates a larger size (Usually 30 x 40cm approx.)is available. Sometimes sizes or proportion may vary due to a need to include all necessary information in the photo.)
All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

EU20- Zookeepers trimming feet of an elephant. London Zoo. c1900
27.7x21cm; 18 x 13cm
SP19- Two racehorses talking c1919 "Let's both refuse to start"
27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.4cm
W36- Light horse regiment machine gun squadron heavy horses being used as anchors in a tug-of-war in Egypt 1915.
27.7x21, 18 x 13
AN1- Droughtmaster bulls resting on a sunny morning
27.7x21cm, 18 x 13cm
AN2- WHOOPS! Cat & mouse with loaf of bread 27.7x21cm, 18 x 13cm
AN3- Four Clydesdale horses resting in the sun. c1920 27.7x21cm, 18 x 13cm
AN4- Draft horse foal
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
AN5- Mornings. A sheep in front of an old shed 27.7x21cm, 18 x 13cm
AN6x- Sleepy Heads (cat & dog asleep together. c1918)
18 x 13cm
W87- Tea Break. 9th Light Horse in Palestine taking a well earned break for a cup of tea and something to eat. 40 x 30cm; 27.7 x 21, 18x13cm
W29- Loading walers (horses from New South Wales) onto a train to ship to the Suez. 1915.
27.7 x 21, 18x13cm
A1- Tasmanian Bullock Team rolling log
27.7x21cm, 18x13cm
A19- Early desert traveller on a camel c1910, northern Australia
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
A59x- Two kids
18 x 13cm
A67- Sitting Bull Time for a good sit down!
27.7x21, 18x13cm
AN7- G'day! Stafford draught horse looking for a handout.
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
AN8- Wee Scots. All Blacks Terriers
27.7 x 17.7cm; 18 x 11.4cm
AN9- Yikes! Scaredy Cat and Chicken
18 x 10.7cm
AN10- King's Own Blacks 1915.
27.7 x 18.5cm; 18 x 12cm
AN11, AN11x "The Rose Between Two Thorns" A cute dog/cat trio c1919.
27.7 x 15.8cm; 18 x 10.27cm
AN12 The boy, his horse & old Yella
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
A105 & A105x Smoko on the harvest
27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.4cm
AN14-Draught horse team bringing the water in.
27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.4cm
AN15- Huge Crocodile caught at Geraldton (now Innisfail) Qld. 1902. 18 x 13cm
AN16- Sheep shearing season at "Yarrowmere" Station, central west Queensland c1920s.
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
AN17- Breakfast at milking time on the farm for this young wallaby.
27.7 x 18.5cm; 18 x 12cm
AN18- Horse drawn wagon taking the wool to town for shipping. A great image!
27.7 x 18.5cm; 18 x 12cm
AN19- Baby humpback whale rescue on Coolum Beach, Qld. 1996.
40 x 30cm; 27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
AN20- Brooklyn Supreme: World biggest horse
1928-1948. 1.4tonne, 19.2 hands.
27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
AN21- Huge crocodile found in the Roper River, Northern Territory, Australia 1914.
27.7 x 18.5cm; 18 x 12cm