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Victoria (Australia): (The x after a catalogue number indicates that it is available in smaller size such as 18 x 13cm {5x7}. An "L" after the catalogue number designates a larger size (Usually 30 x 40cm approx.)is available. Sometimes sizes or proportion may vary due to a need to include all necessary information in the photo.) Wherever possible, a descriptive caption accompanies the photograph.
All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

ME1 & ME1x Swanston St. Melb.
ME2 Flinders St. Station
ME3 Collins St. Melbourne
ME4x, ME4 & ME4L
Flinders St Station
ME5 Port Melbourne Pier
ME6 Elizabeth St.Melbourne
ME7 Swanston st. Melbourne
ME8 & ME8x St Kilda
ME9 Murray St. Colac
ME10 & ME10x Sorrento
ME11 Richmond, Vic
ME12 Sanger St. Corowa
ME13 Sturt St. Ballarat
ME14 Bridge St. Ballarat
ME15 Hospital, Melbourne
ME16 Portsea, Vic
ME17 Queenscliff, Vic
ME18 Bendigo
ME19 Mornington, Vic
ME20 Collins St.
ME21 Port Melbourne
ME22 St.Kilda Rd.
ME23 & ME23x Geelong TAFE
ME24 & M24x Geelong

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ME1- Swanston St. Melbourne tram stop, c1929 (27.7 x 21; 18x13cm)
ME2- viewed from above. c1920s
ME3- Collins St. Melbourne 1900 taken from Elizabeth St.(25.4x20.3
ME4- Melbourne's Flinders Street Station 1900 (40 x 30, 27.7 x 21; 18x13cm)
ME5- Port Melbourne Pier 1900
ME6- Elizabeth St.Melbourne 1900 taken from Collins St.(25.4x20.3
ME7- Swanston st. Melbourne looking south c1900 27.7x21
ME8- St Kilda, Victoria 1920s 27.7 x 21, 18x13
ME9- Murray St. Colac, Vic c1930s 27.7 x 21cm
ME10- Front Beach, Sorrento, Vic. c1922 (27.7 x 16.2; 18x10.5cm)
ME11- Richmond, Vic. from Town Hall c1910 27.7x 17.3cm
ME12- Sanger St. Corowa Victoria 1910. 27.7 x 17cm
ME13- Sturt St. Ballarat during the gold rush days. 27.7 x 19.4cm
ME14- Bridge St. Ballarat gold rush days 27.7 x 19.8cm
ME15- Hospital, Melbourne 1920s 27.7x21, 18x13
ME16- Portsea, Victoria. c1930
ME17- Queenscliff, Victoria c1930
ME18- Rosalind Park Gardens, Bendigo c1930
ME19- Fishermans Beach, Mornington, Vic.1920s
ME20- Collins St. Melbourne from above 27.7 x 21cm
ME21- Mail boat arrival at Railway Pier, Port Melbourne c1910
ME22- St. Kilda Rd. w/Princes Bridge Rail station
ME23- Renwick St Geelong with Tech College 27.7 x 16.25cm; 18 x 10.56cm
ME24- Eastern Beach baths Geelong, Vic. c1930. 27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11cm

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