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Old Maps : PRINT SIZE NOTE (Current print sizes available are displayed after the full description, but please ask if you require a different size.) Wherever possible, a descriptive caption accompanies the photograph.
All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

MA1- Australia_1838 Proposed divisions for Royal Geographic Society. Interesting.
25.4 x 21.3cm
MA2- Africa 1858
40 x 31.5cm
MA3- Hampshire, England 1788
40 x 28.9cm
MA4- Australia, Sydney Harbour/Port Phillip Bay Melbourne 1860
27.7 x 20.7cm
MA5- Yorkshire 1673
18 X 13cm
MA6- Cornwall 1836
41 x 31
MA7- Balikpapan, Borneo campaign WWII 
27.7 x 21cm
MA8- Tarakan, Borneo campaign WWII 
27.7 x 21cm
A6- Wool Barge & Paddlesteamer PS Wilcania c1920 (25.5x20.4cm; 18 x 13cm)
A15- Lismore Bridge with ship 1920s
27.7 x 21cm, 18 x 13cm
A25- Bullock team hauling a road roller in Blackheath, Blue Mtns. NSW 27.7 x 17.6cm
Proposed state boundaries for NSW & Moreton Bay colonies. 1858
40 x 30cm; 27.7 x 21cm

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