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Brisbane (Current print sizes available are displayed after the full description, but please ask if you require a different size.)
Wherever possible, a descriptive caption accompanies the photograph.

All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

B2- Victoria Bridge 1897 looking south
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B3- Customs House Queen St Brisbane c1870s 27.7x17.5cm; 18 x 11.5cm
B4- 1898 Brisbane from Bowen Terrace w/Government Yacht "Lucinda" 1898
40 x 30cm; 27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B5- 1893 AliceSt in flood. Botanical Gardens at right. 27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B6- 1893 QueenSt Looking south
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B7- Customs House, Brisbane. 1898
27.7 x 21cm; B7L- 30 x 40cm; B7x-(18 x 13cm)
B8- Moreton Bay Pile light c1910.
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B9- Government Yacht "Lucinda" on which the federation documents were signed. 1898. 27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B11- Moreton Bay Signal Station
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B14- Creek St with boats in 1893 flood
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B15- Redcliffe Esplanade 1900. 18x13cm
B16- 1893 Queen St flood with boats
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B17- AMP Society building 1898
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm B17L=30 x 40cm
B19- Meteorological Bureau Brisbane 1 Nov 1942. 27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B20- Queen & Creek St w/trams
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm; B20L=30 x 40cm
B22- Police Commissioner and troopers outside Brisbane Police Headquarters 1868 (18x13)
B23- Petries Bight, Brisbane River 1873
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B24- First Victoria Bridge, Brisbane Victoria Bridge June 1874.
(27.7 x 21cm, 40 x 30cm, 18x13cm)
B25- Ferry St. Brisbane. Great Flood of 1893. Now the site of the Dockside building on the southside of Brisbane River
27.7x18.5cm; 18 x 12cm
B26- Old Mill/Observatory, on Wickham Terrace Brisbane Constructed by convicts in 1828 and is today the oldest building extant in Queensland. 27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B27- Brisbane City Hall and city centre 1932.
40 x 30cm; 27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm
B28- Union Bank building Queen St. Brisbane during the 1893 flood 18x13
B29- Dayboro, Qld. 1900 18x13cm
B30- Roma St. Station, Brisbane c1920
27.7 x 21cm, 18x13cm

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