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Antarctic (Current print sizes available are displayed after the full description, but please ask if you require a different size.)
All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

E1, E1L & E1x Ernest Shackleton's Endurance frozen in ice (Front) Sepia (27.7x21cm, 30 x 40cm, 18 x 13cm)
E2, E2L & E2x Beginning of the end. Ernest Shackleton can be seen at the port rail of his ill-fated ship “Endurance” pondering the last moments aboard his fine vessel. (27.7x21, 30 x 40, & 18 x 13cm)
E3 & E3x Ice Flowers (Salt crystals) This magnificently delicate display was found whilst a part of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica 25.5x20.5; 18 x 13cm
E4, E4L & E4x Endurance bows at night. The classic Frank Hurley image! 18 x 13cm; 27.7x21; 40 x 30.3cm
E5 & E5x Endurance on side from stern (25.4x20.3; 18 x 13cm)
E6x Mawson's Gypsy Moth being lowered into the sea. 18 x 13cm
E8 & E8x Scott's expedition 1910. Up in the rigging. 27.7x21cm & 18 x 13cm
E9 & E9x Scott's expedition 1910 “Terra Nova” tied up against the mainland of Antarctica awaiting the exploring party’s return from their ill-fated attempt to be the first to reach the south pole.
40 x 30cm; 27.7x21cm & 18 x 13cm
E10 & E10x Geologists on Scott's 1910 Expedition in their cabin on board the Terra Nova 27.7x21cm; 18 x 13cm
E11,E11L & E11x Scott's "Terra Nova" on his ill-fated 1910 Antarctic expedition. 27.7x21cm; 40.3 x 30.3cm; 18 x 13cm
E12, E12L & E12x Frank Hurley's beautiful study of Douglas Mawson's "Discovery" as it crosses the equator on it's way to Antarctica, 1929 (27.7x21cm, 30 x 40cm, 18 x 1cm3)
E13, E13x & E13L Ernest Shackleton studies the ice floes ahead of the "Endurance" whilst Frank Hurley records the scene from the yardarm with his cinematograph. 27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm & 30 x 40cm
E14 & E14x Frank Hurley filming activities on the ice under the bows of Endurance, 1915 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
E16, E16L & E16x A breathtakingly beautiful image from inside an ice cavern looking to Capt. Scott's Terra Nova, Antarctica, 1911 40.3 x 30.3cm; 27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm