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Aircraft (Current print sizes available are displayed after the full description, but please ask if you require a different size.)
All images restored by Frozen in Time Gallery are protected by copyright. Reproduction permission should be sought before use.

AC1; AC1L & AC1x Canberra Bomber in RAAF Amberley base hanger 1955 The Canberra bomber of 2 Squadron "flying" through the hanger at Amberley RAAF base was the result of boredom. 27.7x21, 40.3 x 30.3cm; 18x13cm
AC2 & AC2x Ross Smith in Vickers Vimy Sydney 1st Flight to Australia from England; 1919 27.7x21, 18x13cm
AC3 & AC3x Japanese Zero with early U.S.A.F. markings 1944. Captured and flown by the American air force as part of their study of the aircraft 27.7x21, 18x13
AC5 & AC5x Female Spitfire mechanics working on Merlin V12 engine WWII. 27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11.5cm
AC6 & AC6x Canberras over S.E. Qld 1955 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
AC7 & AC7x Canberra Bomber over S.E. Qld 1955. 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
AC8 & AC8x Lawrence Hargraves (aircraft pioneer) testing his kites prior to flying on one. Stanwell Park, NSW. 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
AC9 & AC9x Australian flyer Sydney Pickles with his Anzani engined Bleriot in England 1913 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
AC10 Southern Cross Plans 25.5 x 20.3cm
AC11x Spitfires of 243 Sq. 1942. Superb image of this iconic aircraft. 27.7 x 17.5cm; 18 x 11cm & 40.5 x 20.8cm
AC12 & AC12x Vulcan Bomber at Amberley RAAF base c1956. 27.7x21; 18 x 13cm
AC14 & AC14x Qantas promotional flight over Brisbane River & Fortitude Valley. May 1938 27.7x21, 18x13
AC15 & AC15x Qantas flying boat Corio taking off in Sydney 1938 (27.7x17.7cm; 18 x 11.4cm)
AC16 & AC16x Firefly fighter landing on HMAS Sydney 1953 27.7x21, 18x13
AC17 & AC17x Qantas Lockheed Constellation arriving in Sydney c1950 (27.7x21cm, 18 x 13cm)
AC18, AC18x Meteor fighter at Amberley airbase, c1956 27.7x21, 18x13cm
AC19 & AC19x Royal Navy Spitfire BL676 flying. 27.7x21cm; 18 x 13cm
AC21 & AC21x Dynamic static. The motion of its props causes an "aura" to form around this Grumman F6F. 27.7 x 21cm; 18 x 13cm
AC22x Grumman F4F "Wildcat" fighters fly in tactical formation of four-plane divisions, circa mid-1943. (18x16.7
AC23, AC23x Vulcan , Amberley RAAF base1953. 27.7x21, 18x13cm
AC24x Curtiss SB2C-3 "Helldiver" aircraft bank over the carrier before landing. (18x13cm
AC25x F4Us (Corsairs) circle the USS Boxer during the Korean War. 18x13cm
AC26x Grumman Panther jets returning from a combat mission over North Korea circle the USS Boxer September 1951, 18x13cm
AC27 & AC27x Grumman F4F-4 "Wildcat" fighter has its six .50 caliber machine guns tested on the flight deck of USS Enterprise, 10 April 1942. (27.7x21 (18x13)

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